Last week,

In the Youtube video, Patricia explained in great detail why she chose to take the surgery route. Patricia has admitted to a breast augmentation and a nose job in the past but this time she took it a step further by doing full body work.

She said that after giving birth to her daughter her body did not bounce back as quickly as she had hoped. After giving birth to daughter Grace in 2016, she developed diastatsi recti which meant that her stomach stuck out even more. Patricia made it clear that she tried alternatives before resorting to surgery and admitted to spending over N782k on a two personal trainers but the problem still remained.At first, Patricia wanted to have a tummy tuck but it didn't make sense because she might have more children in the future. She eventually settled for liposuction which she had over 7 weeks ago and admitted that the surgery wasn't easy and the healing process, even less so.

Some fans however, were not happy with Patricia's decision and felt that it was hypocritical of her to, on one hand, preach self-love and on the other, go to extreme lengths to change the way you look.

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They took to Twitter to voice their concerns and share their worries over the effect Patricia's actions would have on her younger, more impressionable viewers.

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Patricia hit back at her critics saying:

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Writing in a heartfelt caption accompanying the video, Patricia said:

Hello beautiful people! I hope you are doing well. You know me I like to keep it real and I thought I'd share with something that is a little personal and at times can be a tough subject to talk about. In no way do I want to encourage or discourage anyone from loving the way that they currently are, nor do I want to tell people what to do. This is my journey and situation, that I hope I might help some one by sharing MY TRUTH.

Take a look at Patricia's video below and share your thoughts!

Do you agree with her decision to have plastic surgery?