The phrase 'No-makeup makeup' in itself is as confusing as they come. You're probably wondering, whats the point?

Just so you know, one of the most in-demand looks at the moment is the no-makeup makeup, and it's because not everyone can roll out of bed with gorgeous skin and perfect eyes.

This is a form of makeup art in itself, because the idea behind this look is to look beautiful without looking obviously made up. Still confused?

There are a few things you can do to enhance your look without appearing too made up, and a lot of it has to do with the application of your makeup.

Here are a few things you need to know, to pull off this look at home.

1. Keep Your Foundation LightThis doesn't mean you shouldn't apply foundation, but when it's caked on, it's a dead giveaway that you're wearing makeup. Test three shades on your cheek so you get the perfect match, and when applying, follow the five-dot method.

2. Spot ConcealInstead of going nuts with concealer, focus only on the small areas you need it. The trick here is to apply it after your foundation, not before. Further, to keep it put all day long, eliminate excess oil with powder, then apply the concealer on top.

3. Open Up Your EyesAvoid shadows that are too bold, and stick to neutral shades. Buff out shadow with your finger to avoid hairlines. And use liner to make your lashes look longer and fuller — apply to the top lash line and top waterline, too. For mascara, dust your lashes with powder before you apply it, which will help keep your mascara from being too wet and clumpy.

4. HighlightHighlighting accentuates your best features, and it also keeps your skin looking dewy instead of matte and dry.

5. Use a Tinted Lip BalmInstead of trying to match your lip color to your skin tone, focus on staying within one to two shades of your natural lip color. Balms are translucent, so they're a great way to hydrate your lips and add a little color.

For those that need to see to believe, here's a video tutorial to help you get this look.