A recent report reveals the shade of a lady's nipples can be used to pick the perfect set of nude lipstick and it's getting rave reactions!

Dr. Travis Stork recently revealed on daytime show 'The Doctors' that the colour of a lady's nipples may be the perfect shade of nude lipstick that will fit her afterall! The doctor says to know the perfect shade of nude lipstick to choose, check the colour on the nipples!

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The report raise a lot of eyebrows as some comments highlight the possibility of the nipples changing colours as a result of change in weather conditions etc.

A lot people also noted the this could only work/possible with 'white folks' as this was not practical on people with dark skintones/on a black woman!

"Our nipples are usually darker then our skin tone. So are our nipples are usually a dark brown when our skin is caramel. So that's not a nude color that's just a dark brown lipstick. The best way to find a nude lipstick for your skintone it's a look at what your natural lip color already is and just enhance that!" a commenter shared via Youtube.

Would you try picking the perfect shades of nude lipsticks using your nipples ladies?