If you love makeup and memes, then this trend is definitely for you.

In case you haven’t looked at your phone in a few weeks, beauty art has resurfaced in a weird and hilarious manner, in the form of meme makeup.

This trend which originated on Twitter a few weeks back keeps gaining ground all over the internet.

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Makeup artists are taking our favourite memes, like the infamous Crying Kim, Salt Bae, and Evil Kermit, and painting them on their eyelids, like teeny, tiny works of art.

Jenny, who started this trend on Twitter said, "If I remember correctly, my boyfriend and I were just hanging out and he mentioned a rash or something and because I constantly have “SpongeBob” episodes cycling through my mind, it reminded me of Squidward’s painting Bold and Brash and I knew I had to draw it on my eye."

Apparently, this trend which started off as a joke has got people trying it out every way they can.

Jenny, who seem to be shocked at how well it escalated said, "Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the look to get so popular and I definitely wasn’t expecting a dozen people to do meme looks the next few days."

One cute thing about this is that instead of sending memes out via Twitter, you can just use them in real life situation, by simply blinking.

Pretty much anyone who has an affinity for memes and makeup can join in the trend.