The importance of skincare can never be overstated. Taking care of your skin is the gift that keeps on giving and its important to know the natural skincare brands that aim to keep you glowing. Arami Essentials has built quite the following on social media and attracted rave reviews from customers. Heres why you and your skin will love Arami.

First of all, Arami looks the part. The brand's minimalist packaging looks so luxe and inviting. Their Instagram page makes you want to take the day off, relax and pamper yourself silly and Arami gives the air of absolute self-care, what more could you want?!

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According to their website:

Arami was created to provide natural beauty essentials for a simple, fuss-free routine .  Our company was founded on two major beliefs -your skin doesn’t need complex products to thrive and natural ingredients are best.

We are based in Nigeria, which is home to a lot of raw ingredients used in beauty products around the world.  One of the key priorities of our business is to be a platform, boosting awareness around locally sourced ingredients such as Shea Butter and African Black Soap.

As a high number of our ingredients are sourced in Nigeriaand involve a high number of women processors, we are committed to giving love and encouraging self care for women at the Grassroots.

Their extensive range has something for every skincare issue from hyperpigmentation to dull and dry skin. Reviews state that their body scrubs, polishes and oils work brilliantly and are a must-have for every skincare enthusiast.

Their best selling product, their 'Glow Oil' is a 100% pure, cold-pressed shea nut oil which you can use daily for glowing skin and hair. For an even better smelling experience, get the Glow Oil infused with Sweet Oud for a rich and long-lasting fragrance.

Arami Essentials is everything that a good skincare brand should be, it's natural, effective and oh-so indulgent. We cannot get enough!