With the numerous demands of everyday life, it's not unheard of for folks to arrive home knackered and plop straight unto an unmade bed.

But the truth is a properly laid bed can go a long way in helping one achieve much better quality of sleep, and in turn live a healthier life.

For Modupe Ogunlesi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Adam and Eve, it starts with a very good bed sheet, a memory pillow and a rectangular squashy pillow one can hug.

In an exclusive chat with Pulse TV, Ogunlesi shared the importance of a memory pillow in one's bedroom:

"Its important to have a memory pillow because it differentiates between the weight of your head and neck so you sleep perfectly"

She further highlighted the steps to achieving a perfectly laid bed:

"If youre not using a mattress topper, on top of your mattress just put in a blanket so you can have something that can undulate, same as your back is, before you then put your bed sheet"

According to Ogunlesi, the ideal format for a well-laid bed should be - the mattress protector/mattress, a blanket, a bed sheet and a cover.

It's important for a mattress to have a protector because it stops the dust mites from coming out through the mattress. This in turn guards against early morning sniffles.

So, the next time you're tempted to just throw on a bed sheet while laying your bed, consider the better quality of sleep you stand to get with a well-laid bed, and how much healthier you'll be for it.