Vlogger and celebrity MUA; Dodos Uvieghara of Iamdodos shares a hack for creating intense longer and fuller lashes using cotton pads (cotton balls also work), a spoolie brush and mascara, it works perfectly.

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The trend started on Instagram a while back with beauty blogger Huda Kattan who first shared how to achieve voluminous lashes with cotton wool and ladies went wild trying out the new in-thing but a look again at Dodos approach makes it one hack to try out.

With plain cotton, you can achieve fuller lashes without applying extensions of any kind and still get the voluminous lashes that would open up the eyes and it's super easy to achieve.

What you need:

Spoolie Brush


Cotton Wool

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1. Draw cotton balls or cotton pads to become slightyl messy

2. Use the spoolie brush to pick up the messy bits rom the cotton wool

3. Gently brush the 'wool coated' spoolie on the lashes

4. Gently coat the lashes (with wool already brushed on) with mascara.