The right blush can warm up your complexion, create the illusion of cheekbones, for those who do not have prominent ones and even make you look yonger.

So read on for the most flattering shades for fair, medium, olive and dark skin tones.

We will be giving our favourite blush shade for each  skin tone.



The most universally flattering, can't-go-wrong blush shade is Peach.

"Anybody can put on peach blush and look fantastic," says Ciucci. On fair skin, peach is especially flattering if your complexion has yellow undertones.

"It has orange and yellow tones, so it enhances the natural flush," explains Murphy. And this is a case where it's all about texture: A formula that's sheer and blendable is going to look the most natural.

When in doubt, "Look for descriptive words like 'satin' or 'sheer' on the packaging. Test it by swiping your finger over the surface of the powder: If it looks chalky or heavy, it might not be the best option," says Ciucci. Also, opt for a blush with subtle shimmer.

"Shimmery formulas are going to be easier to sheer out on fair skin so it's not overwhelming."



Some medium skin tones are already warm, so they only need slight enhancement. Apricot with a tinge of orange is flattering and subtle.

"On medium skin, this shade is soft and flirty and fresh. It allows you to go bolder with the rest of the makeup," says Ciucci.


Orangey Peach

Finding a blush for olive skin can be tricky because of its green undertones. "Look for warm tones," says Ciucci. "Some cooler blushes can tend to look ruddy on it.... Using a warm peach shade will make olive skin glow." For a fresh, dewy effect, try a cream formula.



Those with dark skin shouldn't be intimidated by deep raisin shades. "Dark skin can really hold up to pigment," says Ciucci. "You need to choose bold, highly pigmented shades, otherwise it will look muddy, ruddy, or it won't even show up."