Dewy skin is sexy for a spicy date night, but even more alluring is the glistening dark eyes.

Stila Global Director of Education Sarah Lucero shows us how to get the ultimate in seductive stares with this sultry smoky eye.

It is guaranteed that the humidity isn't going to be the only thing making you and your date hot and bothered after the following steps below.

Step one

To get this look with high wattage shine, Lucero started with Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeliner in Metallic Black Tanzanite.

First, she added a drop or two of the accompanying Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer into the mixing tray and swirled in a glob of the purple shadow with the flat square side of the brush. For a simpler one-step option, try Lancôme Color Design Infinité 24H in Endless Purple.

The result after this step should be a sparkly eye gloss.

Step two

Dab some of the product off on your hand to get it evenly distributed onto your brush. In this case, you can use your hand as an artist's palette.

Step Three

Plop the purple shadow down along the upper lash line. Then use your pinkie finger to smudge it all over the lid. "Your pinkie is the smallest of your fingers, which makes it the most precise for a little area like the eyelid," said Lucero. Feel free to clean up around the eye with a cotton swab if needed.

Step four

Smudge a scant amount of the same color underneath the eye with a small eye shadow brush.

Step five

Blend out the shadow and diffuse the color upwards using a clean fluffy brush.

Step six

Next, select an iridescent white gold shadow.

Press the white gold shade onto the center of the eye with a finger to serve as a colorful iridescent top coat.

"Put your finger in the liquid primer, tap your eyelid, dip the finger into Pixie Dust, and tap the color on top of the lid," suggested Lucero. "The primer will be tacky by the time you go back in with the shadow, which makes it act like the perfect fly trap for the color."

"It looks like you put a chandelier on your eye with the addition of the Pixie Dust," she continued. "It gives a fish scale/mermaid effect to the eye."

Step seven

Finally, finish the eyes with multiple coats of black mascara. "The creamy formula also makes it good for layering extra coats throughout the day," she added.

Final look

Pair your stare with a matte beige lip to keep the focus on those sparkly lids.