A lot of ladies love their makeup and a makeover is always a fab idea but some with tomboyish tendencies would rather skip this so when a Lagos based make-up artist decided to makeup for a tomboy, the result was mindblowing.

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The toyboy shares her transformation story, "I’m one of those girls boys don’t consider sexy or hot, maybe cute, but not sexy, I’m not curvy, I’m straighter than an arrow from the hip down, simply put, I don’t have ‘assets’.

Ignore the before picture, I really don’t look that horrible, my Instagram pictures would present me as frosh, that’s what the millennials call it, right?

I barely wear makeup, I think never… I run away from dinners and certain events because I’m a disaster on heels, it’s the greatest torture and my leg just wobbles!

Flash back to my graduation dinner night when my friends had to hold me from the hall to the cab, and everyone just gawked at me, I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind was, “but, who sent you? Na by force?”

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Shade had been talking about using my face for her make-up shoot for a while now, but I really just couldn’t deal.  Oh so I have to sit down for hours, while she scraped and brushed? ABEG!

It’s not that I hate makeup, it’s just the time spent doing it or sitting through it that I hated… but the end product is simply a delight to look at! I mean, what girl doesn’t like to feel pretty?

We danced around if I will be doing the make-up shoot with Shade or not for a while, but I eventually gave in, (like I always do ALL her demands), she didn’t let me check the mirror till she was done, the gele squeezed my destiny (never did THAT before too), but when I checked myself in the mirror, I SCREAMED".

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The results will blow your mind, take a look in the gallery above.


Model: Sharon - @Nurdeler

Make-up: Shade - @MagArtistry

Photography: Studio103

Accessories: @_Fabbiesbeads