The harmattan season is characterized with harshness; and as much as we like the season, because of its underlying coolness (no sweat patches) the extreme dryness it leaves on the skin is not always a pretty sight. Piling on loads of make-up around this time usually ends up a mess especially or dry skin, which gets extremely dry, dull and unattractive.

When applying our make-up during this time of the year, we should take notes of various factors amongst others.

1. Easy on the foundation

Applying foundation is necessary for a clean/fresh make-up look but during the harmattan period, it is necessary to reduce foundation to a reasonable minimum as it gets cakey which is not a good look. A good alternative for an everyday look is to ditch the foundation and go for a crème to powder make-up. It is necessary to apply this minimally as well.

2. Mismatched lip liner and lip colour

As much as possible, lip-liner and lip-colours (lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip-stains) used should be in the same shade; any difference in both gives off a rather tacky/funny look. During this period use lip-liners and colours in the same shade; well blended of course to achieve a coordinated look, makes your lip seem fuller and prevents smudging.

3. Easy on the blush

By all means, during this period, ease on the blush especially the powder blush. You don’t want to end up looking like a Barbie with powder dusted on the cheeks by midday. A good alternative is applying a cream blush minimally instead of the regular powder blush. When it comes to applying blush, never go heavy.

4. Wrong shade of the concealer

If you are using a concealer at this time, make sure it’s in your shade/colour; anything away from your colour will totally mess up your make-up.

5. Eyebrow filling

Filling your brows should be carefully done during the harmattan. If you can, totally ditch eyebrow powder as heavy filing could make your eyebrows look awkward, instead opt for quality brow pencils and gently fill in brows; don’t go heavy on this!