Lola OJ is back on her weekly beauty adventures and she's dishing on the numerous usually understated uses of 'black soap'.

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The beauty enthusiast dished oh how using black soap has kept her skin flawless revealing how black soap fights dryness/harshness though she uses different types of black soap.

"To be honest black (though it comes mostly in shades of brown) can be used in a number of ways for a number of things.

But, though we know what black soap is, do we really know what is in black soap and the different forms it takes?

African black soap is made from the ashes of the barks and plants that are locally harvested such as plantain, palm tree leaves and shea tree barks." she says.

She shared how black soaps can be used as:

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- Body & face wash

- Face mask

- Body scrub

- Shampoo

- Shaving foam

Some key benefits:

Helps even out skin tone - full of antioxidants and nutrients so it helps fade skin discolouration

To alleviate razor bumps - the shea butter content helps protect the skin

Treating breakouts - can help reduce inflammation and irritated skin

Balance out the PH levels in your skin - naturally rich in Vitamin A and E with natural cleanses plus iron

Rejuvenate tough skin - the ashes in the black soap have great exfoliating properties to help remove dead skin

In this video you can learn about the 'many faces' of black soap, how Lola OJ uses it and how it reacts with water and the skin!

Please note that people have different skin types and may take to products differently, this is how to find black soap for ‘combination' skin.

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The beauty enthusiast reveals she uses black soap alternately between other skincare products and that seems to be the most effective way, as the black soap never gets too used to the skin so never looses its effectiveness.

If you have pity skin, black soap should work wonders! If you have dry skin it can also work wonders but ensure you add a good moisturiser into the mix and do not use as often!

Watch her tutorial on black soap in the video above.