Pores get clogged resulting in the blemishes you see on the face especially every time.

They get clogged with oil, dust/dirt, dry skin and everyday grime  resulting in acne and pimples. You should know that just washing your skin won't get the pores cleaned but there are specific products that work to deeply cleanse the skin.

There are several things that clog pores that spark breakouts but these everyday ones sure make it worse:

1. The Pillowcase

The pillowcase is one of the easiest ways pores get clogged, oil and grime from each use on the pillow find a way to block pores, the reason you should change your pillowcases at least one a week.

2. The Cell Phone

The mobile phone is about the easiest way to block the pores. From everyday handling/making contact with just about everything and surface, your mobile phone is about the easiest thing that makes you break out.

The reason it's advisable to clean your phone with an antibacterial wipe daily for instance.

3. Touching Your Face

NEVER touch your face, the hands are the easiest way to transfer bacteria to the face, think about it they touch anything daily, not even washing/sanitizing it everytime guarantees it wont make you breakout if you keep touching your facial skin!

4. Dry/Dead Skin

The reason exfoliation is great for skin is to remove dead skin cells or dry skin that are block pores. Make it a habit to exfoliate and exfoliate more.

5. Makeup/Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup that last all day contains even more ingredients to make them stay in place, this means even more reasons the pores are blocked, as much as possible remove waterproof makeup with dedicated removers to allow the skin breathe.

Watch a skincare video for acne prone skin below