Life Conversations: Meet Amir Hashemloo, a cosmetic surgeon who loves performing plastic surgery on women

June 24th 2022, 11:33:17 am

Amir Hashemloo, renowned plastic surgeon talks about his love for plastic surgery.

Dr Hashemloo is a renowned plastic surgeon

At the early start of his career, Amir Hashemloo began planning his techniques based on the golden and geometric proportions and even classical aesthetics of Leonardo Da Vinci by performing non-invasive techniques for beauty.

Now he is the founder of Nikadel Clinic and his goal is for a more natural and incremental cosmetic surgery.

He said Cosmetic surgery can help many people look and feel their best and delay the aging process.

According to the beauty guru, in the future, the desire to look young and attractive may become more trending as people work and live longer.

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I believe that restorative and beauty procedures should be done with great delicacy and not look artificial." He says.

He is also well known for his removal and correction of facial stretch, creating proportionate axes and beautiful proportions, also specializing in his technique for rectifying the eye and the eyebrow frame outline.

Hashemloo loves giving natural beauty to his patients. Patients’ satisfaction with the results of work is very important to him. He believes that restorative and beauty procedures should be done with great delicacy and not look artificial.

Having gained global recognition, he is aiming to introduce better technological advancements via his Nikadel Clinic which would make any kind of surgery painless and stress-free.


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