A strong pelvic floor/bone studies reveal helps control the vagina, uterus (in ladies), bladder as well as the bowel with some people insisting it comes with a greater/more pleasurable sex experience. The pelvic floor can be toned without any hassle or even the next person knowing (hey Kegels exercise!).

Kegels is a known way to strengthen the pelvic floor to ensure bowel and badder control (no urine leaks especially when laughing or coughing), great to snap back the area after pregnancy, increase sexual stimulation as well as ensure the area stays firm and toned!

It's best to be sure to identify the Pelvic Floor muscles before attempting the Kegels. A quick way to is to try to stop urine stream midway, if you are able to you are using the pelvic floor muscle.

Tone the pelvic floor in four easy steps:

1. Lie down, sit or even stand making sure both legs are apart, then relax the abdomen muscles, the buttocks and the thighs.

2. After identifying the pelvic floor muscle, tighten the area and draw the muscles up and then inside and hold for a bit.

3. Hold up to 10 slow squeezes (count from 1-10 slowly) and 10 fast fast squeezes (count from 1-10 fast) at a stretch.

4. Repeat this up to four times daily.