The best of both worlds came together when we discovered that swatching queen LacquerLoon teamed up with the expert brand of glitter polish KBShimmer to show off every single shade from its upcoming Summer collection, The Flakes.

First off, if you're not familiar with KBShimmer, you should be.

The company produces insanely complex colors (multichrome holographic lacquer), flawless glitter-cream blends, and even hand care products but The Flakes is something superspecial, even for these seasoned sparklers.

Flake varnishes (or flakies, as they're known in the polish community) are made of glitter pieces that look like small flakes and are typically holographic in nature.

A few coats of a polish like this are spectacular on their own, but when you layer it over a color (especially black), the real magic occurs.

The lacquer takes on dimension and looks like a galaxy on your nails.

Get a closer look at KBShimmer's limited collection in gallery, before it comes out on May 15, and prepare to be totally blown away.