In her latest video, beauty influencer, Jackie Aina shows you how to shade match her new foundation range extension in collaboration with Too Faced.

For her 30th birthday in August of last year, the beauty bloggerannounced that she would be partnering with Too Faced to expand its Born This Way foundation line. In her announcement, Aina said the collaboration was a dream and explained the pair has been working tirelessly to"fill in the gaps."

All in all, Aina created nine shades, including three new colors (Sable, Truffle, and Ganache) on the deepest end of the spectrum. (Too Faced is also releasing two new light shades, Cloud, the brand's lightest, and Seashell, a pale beige with rosy undertones.)

Speaking on her collaboration with Too Face, Jackie said:

A lot of people thought it was in retaliation to other brands, like Fenty, but we met about this way before we even knew what Fenty was launching. I absolutely understand that people felt like it’s too little too late. But this is a good thing. I see it firsthand when [brands] are just hopping on a bandwagon or trying to one up others. But I think there’s a difference between damage control and really actually caring [about being inclusive].

When I see that a brand doesn’t have the most inclusive shades, but they're still creating different opportunities to work with people of color, that’s definitely something to be noted. It’s not just about foundations. Can I use your lipsticks? Are your eyeshadows pigmented enough to show up on my skin tone? Do you have blushes that work for me? For so many brands, I still can’t use anything; it’s literally only for light skin.

Find your shade

These Born This Way swatches will give you a great idea of how the shades match up and Jackie uses her expertise to help you find the exact one for you.

Enjoy the video below!

How To SHADE MATCH Born This Way Foundation! Tips + DEMO | Jackie