Well, we're totally on board with the out with the old, in with the new part. Which is why we're making the case for skipping the party scene and instead staying in and treating yourself to a night of self-care. Taking part in these little rituals can help you breathe a sigh of relief, restore your spirit, and get in the right frame of mind for the coming year.

If you have big hopes coming up for 2018, use this New Year's Eve to physically and mentally prepared to tackle those goals.

Take a look at these alternative New Years Eve plans that you won't wanna miss out on!

Plan your first move for January 1

So your plan for 2018 is to lose weight, learn a new language or double down on work. Now's the time, in the quiet of your home, to figure out what your first step will be toward making that goal happen. Don't aim too high—come up with something realistic that will launch you on your way. In other words, instead of an 8 a.m. run, plan it for a more doable 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. Think of one thing you can do every day that will help you make your resolution a reality. Write it down, and vow to stick to it.

Reach out to your people

Even if you’re riding solo this December 31, that doesn’t mean you can’t be with loved ones. Make a special call, text, leave a sweet message on their Instagram. Connecting with the people who know you and support you can give you the feels, but it’ll also clue you into who you want as part of your support team as you tackle your 2018 goals. Tell them what you're up to, so they can cheer you on as the year moves along.

Make New Years Eve a time of refelction and a moment of self-love

Clear the junk

So, going through your closets and drawers and deciding what to keep and what to clear doesn't exactly sound like an ideal New Year's Eve. But hear us out: There's something very empowering about cutting yourself free from things you don't use or need. Cleaning up and clearing out helps you feel in control and organised, and when your home is clutter-free, you'll feel less mentally cluttered as well.

Instead of wasting items, take a look into local charities you can donate clothes, books, and other items. Starting the year by giving back is an amazing feeling that will carry you through and set the tone for the year to come.

Indulge yourself

Self-care is all about doing what nourishes you. Feel like a glass or two of wine, or baking a cake, or vegging out on the sofa doing absolutely nothing? Maybe you wan to go to the spa and indulge in a bunch of treatments or ordering a sumptuous dinner from that restaurant you have had your eye on. Ignore the voice in your head that's second-guessing or criticising what you want and just enjoy yourself. Remember to also feed your soul and the positivity boost will help you make the changes you're planning and 2018 a success.