The masterclass kicked off with a basic makeup routine starting with priming, colour correction, highlight and contour, eye brow grooming, foundation routine, applying false eyelashes amongst other bits which she worked through in details.

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She started off forming a daytime look on dark skin that was perfected as seamless and as natural looking as possible to slowly transitioning into a nighttime makeup look.

With Kehinde Smith as muse/model the top makeup artist got to work while dishing on six major techniques to achieve a picture perfect look.

1. Contour the nose using the beginning of the eyebrows as guide to achieve a flattering definition.

2. Starting from the arch and NOT the beginning of the brows, fill in the brows in light strokes so they come off as natural as possible.

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3. Never use the same shade of concealer to neaten the top and bottom areas of the brows as the top part of the brows tend to be lighter in everyone.

4. To quickly turn a daytime look into a nightime one, dab translucent powder under the eyes to keep away eyeshadow transferring to that area and when done, dust off. It's great to use translucent powder because it won't cake compared to regular setting powder.

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5. To get an intense smokey eye look start with a dark base using black eyeliner gel

6. To wear glitter eyeshadow perfectly, use glitter glue to keep them in place.