So how can you enjoy Christmas without compromising your health? Here are a few handy tips to help you keep healthy over Christmas without cancelling any of the fun!

Take the emphasis off food – you know what it’s like in the supermarkets and markets before Christmas; our bags are packed with food for the festive season and we are landed with excessive food bills. People shop as if there is no tomorrow, filling their fridges, freezers and shelves with more of the same. How about trying this instead? Go shopping when you are not hungry as this way you buy less.

Get some exercise – whether it’s a stroll around the village with your cousins, around your estate or to the nearest shops, make sure you incorporate some exercise into your daily holiday routine. Even just half an hour of walking burns off calories, stimulates circulation and digestion and gives you general feel-good factor and much-needed endorphin boost.

Use your relaxation time wisely – there is no reason to give up all of your time spent in front of the TV munching on a few yummy small chops but don’t make it the norm every day. Do you have some favourite books you want to read or re-read while you have the time? How about indulging in some of your hobbies? Using your brain-power to do something creative rather than just TV remote surfing, you will feel so much better and rest more easily at the end of the day.

Here's how to have a happy and healthy Christmas break
Here's how to have a happy and healthy Christmas break

Think healthy food – you have already cut down on the volume of food but you can do more by opting for the healthy options; fresh fruit instead of processed puddings, lots of greens and salad, baked potatoes instead of chips and home-made instead of shop-bought. Not only is home-made food much tastier but you will know exactly what is in it and will feel fuller at the end of the meal. You can incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables to make healthier alternatives too. Cut down on the amount of oil you use and if all else fails, make sure you're being mindful of your portion sizes.

Watch the alcohol – the wine, spirits and beer all tend to flow freely at Christmas but do keep a watch on how much your drink. Not only is too much alcohol bad for your system but it also contains so many hidden calories.  Get used to having fun and relaxing without a glass of wine in your hand and you will soon wonder why you drank so much before.

By thinking healthy and being conscious of what you indulge in, you can have a wonderful holiday and not have to suffer the consequences afterwards! Give it a go starting today.

You won't regret it!