How long does a BBL last? Plus, how to make it last longer

November 29th 2022, 10:47:47 am

How often would you go for a top-up after a BBL?

The Brazilian butt lift {bbc]

The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the common procedures these days. Fat cells are injected into a woman’s buttocks so she can have bigger, rounder buttocks.

The BBL may not require any more additional operations for several years, usually five to 10 years if well maintained. To address sagging brought on by the natural ageing process, some patients choose to have a lift in their later years. Others could decide to undergo periodic skin tightening operations to keep their butt in good shape.

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After surgery and for several years afterwards, you should make an effort to keep your weight steady. Your BBL might be affected dramatically if your weight fluctuates.

If you put on too much weight, fat may likely start to reappear in places where it was eliminated during liposuction for the BBL procedure.

After the procedure, your surgeon can offer you a BBL shaping garment; you must wear it.

Don't forget to dress comfortably for roughly two months after the treatment. Wearing overly tight clothes during this period can harm the transferred fat cells.

After your BBL surgery, you shouldn't do any stressful activity for about two months. This will prevent the transferred fat cells from being burned while exercising.

The fat cells should have enough blood flow by the end of eight weeks, at which point you can resume exercising.

You should not smoke or inhale secondhand smoke if you want your BBL results to last five years or longer.

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Smoking stops blood, nutrients and oxygen from flowing to the butt area and cells in that area require blood supply to survive once the fat is moved to the buttocks.

After the surgery, you shouldn't drive for about six or eight weeks because it means sitting on the area that's already treated. Sitting for too long will damage the fat transferred.

After surgery, you shouldn't sit directly on your butt for three to four weeks. If you have to sit down, use a special BBL pillow.

Water will help your body flush out toxins and promote healing faster. Also, eat a lot of nutrient-rich meals so you can heal faster.

After the surgery, you should not sleep on your butt. You can sleep laying down or to the side but not on your butt.

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