There have been many theories of the causes of back pain including our modern lifestyle: constant sitting, bending over screens, slouching while standing, and carrying heavy purses.

There have also been lots of solutions ranging from mild lifestyle changes to invasive surgeries to drugs.

However, there is a researcher who thinks she has found the perfect answer to this annoying problem in a history book.

This lady, Esther Gokhale, an acupuncturist-turned-international researcher, decided to start studying back pain after undergoing two frustrating failed back surgeries.

She was intrigued by research that found there were a few societies where an achy back was nearly non-existent.

This curiosity led to a years-long exploration, visiting indigenous cultures in some of the most isolated places in the world in Brazil, Portugal, and India, all of these travels was to see what people in these places were doing that people who experience back pain were not.

The findings of these exploration was really simple, these people are simply standing differently.

This means that we need to change our posture in order to save you decades of back pain and prevent the spinal disk degeneration that can cause future issues.

Gokhale recommends straightening your spine, building up your core and back muscles, this can be done with exercises like planks.