The sandal trend is

Always wear shoes:

Aside from the risk of getting scrapes and cuts when you walk barefooted, there is also the risk of contacting all sorts of dangerous bacteria that can endanger your health. Endeavour to always wear a pair of shoes.

No wet shoes:

So it very possible that as you commute to work on foot, rain starts to fall and you just have to keep going, with your shoes wet. If you find yourself in that position, immediately take off your shoes and socks the chance you get to dry them and avoid cold and bacteria.

Always use SPF:

The feet are often neglected in the sunscreen game. However, always remember to use sunscreen on your feet, as they get exposed too and they desrve some level of care as well.

Loads of water:

Water is good for your overall health and wellness and keeps your feet from swelling. It is also what keeps your feet moisturized on the inside. On the outside you can use all kinds of lotions and creams.

Emergency kit:

Anything can actually happen when you are out and about. Unforeseen events are not far fetched so make sure to treat things immediately so they don’t become permanent problems in the long run.