Headaches cause discomfort and it's a way the body 'is told' to slow down. Most times, what you expose yourself to, things you do in the course of the day and more seemingly unimportant factors trigger headaches, these ones below are just few from the lot:

1. Hunger

Hunger is a major cause of headache during the course of the day. To stay at peak performance all day, don't skip breakfast and snack on healthy foods as the day progresses.

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2. Bad Posture (especially sitting during the course of the day)

Sitting in awkward and uncomfortable positions during the day cause sore muscles amongst other things that may trigger headache. This can be brought under control by taking a walk in between and getting a comfortable seat to support the back and the entire spine.

3. Stress

Stress is a major cause of headache. Work, life and daily activities constitute a major cause of headache. Try relax often and de stress as often as possible.

4 Inappropriate clothing

Sometimes tight clothing cause headache especially if you're taking a posture that makes the outfit even more uncomfortable. Wear breathable and appropriate clothing at all times.

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5. Processed foods

Some foods cause headaches! Go easy on processed meat, chocolates, cheese and red wine as these foods are known to cause throbbing headaches.