Crown braids are easy to wear and are perfect for when you'd rather have your hair simple and away from the face and neckline.

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Sometimes long hair/weaves and fringes get in the way of the simple life where otherwise you prefer your hair tamed and done neat without being elaborate so crown braids come in handy as fab alternatives.

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The crown braids come in handy for natural hair as well as relaxed hair (even weaves) which can be sectioned and done neatly and chic meaning it works for all hair textures.

For crown braids, the hair is sectioned into two parts; beside each other or sectioned into front and back and woven or twisted to achieve the easy to wear look. Crown braids can be worn in different variations as preferred.

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In easy steps:

1. Pack a lot of the front hair over to one side

2. Hold up two small sections of hair at the hairline and start to weave or twist

3. Weave or twist the hair so the top and bottom parts inter change, moving from top to bottom and vice versa

4. Finish neatly and style as desired.

Learn the simple steps in the tutorial. Would you rock the simple look?