How to keep yours looking young

Most average aged females have hair looking like they 50 years of age.

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We have all had to deal with growing our hair out but does it have to show age too?

Most average aged females have hair looking like they 50 years of age. From thinning hair to damaged ends, we have seen it all.

The billion dollar question is how?

Here's a few tips and guidelines that can help you out.

Add volume

If you know your hair feels thinner than it did at age 20, you're not imagining things.

"Around your fortieth birthday, hair begins shrinking in diameter", says Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist in New York City.

There are lots of good volumizers available, but John Frieda Luxurious Volume Volume Building Mousse and Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse are two hairstylist favorites.

"Mousse coats the hair with volumizing ingredients, without the drying high-alcohol content of some other kinds of volumizers," says hairstylist Mark Townsend. "I tend to use mousses on more delicate hair."

You'll needing a palm full to really boost body in damp hair.

Make your volume sexy

"Dry texturizing sprays create lived-in waves, which "adds volume and keeps ends from looking lank," says hairstylist Serge Normant of the Serge Normant Salon.

All you have to do is spray one over dry hair, and you get a look that's mussed and incredibly sexy.

Because dry texturizing sprays make hair less oily without the dulling residue you get with dry shampoos, they're even better at extending blowouts.

Boost Shine

"The new dry oils make your hair look healthier, younger, and really, really shiny," says hairstylist Matt Fugate of the Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon.

Unlike heavier silicone serums, they don't weigh down a blowout. "They contain the lightest silicones with just enough oil to make hair softer," says cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson.

Repair damages caused by flat ironing

We don't care what anyone says, everyone gets split ends and there's no way to completely repair them.

All the same, not everyone knows about the restorative powers of L'Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner.

It's full of strengthening and smoothing ingredients that get flyaways and spit ends to lay flat, while making our tester's fine and damaged hair feel clean and not coated.

For smooth and glossy hair

You'd be shocked what a difference using Clairol Natural Instincts Shine Happy Clear Shine Treatment once a month can make to dull, dry hair.

"It's kind of a miracle product," says hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins. "It puts a deposit of clear, light-reflective hair color onto your hair that makes dull hair look shiny, and it's as easy as applying conditioner."

It'll make your highlights look fresher, too.

For Grey hair

The thing about gray hair is that It's coarser than the rest of your hair and "even if you're coloring it, you can see the difference in textures," says Fugate.

"You want to use something that's going to condition and soften your hair—anything that's really, really, really hydrating, and obviously color safe."

For thinning Hair

Close to age 50, half of women notice hair loss.

"Female pattern hair loss is diffuse; a lot of women notice it when they see their scalp through a ponytail," says Neil Sadick, a dermatologist in New York City.

Massage a 2 percent Minoxidil formula or as you can get, into the scalp morning and night; it "spurs new hair growth and increases the diameter of each hair in about 50 percent of women," says Paradi Mirmirani, a dermatologist in Vallejo, California.

Soothe your scalp

This is more important than you might think considering the fact that a scalp that's dry, itchy, or flaky can lead to weaker hair.

If that sounds terrifying, try using Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Damage & Color Repair Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Hydrate the scalp with sunflower, sweet almond, soybean, and coconut oils without weighing down hair or leaving roots greasy.

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