Once reserved for bridal hairstyles, ornate barrettes, which come from the French word “barre” (meaning “bar”) , these hair accessories are making a stylish comeback.

Stylists and celebrities have brought back the childhood accessory with bling and fun and sassy catchphrases. These clips can give the most simple bun or ponytail new life and make sure your 'do' is bang on trend. These days, it's easy to spot the barrette trend on the red carpet, take the recently concluded Met Gala 2019 for example where stars such as Ashley Graham came with some added hair bling.

If you've had your eye on these fashion forward diamante clips but have no idea how to rock it, take a look at the inspiration we have for you below.

Better yet, if you want to get crafty, you can save your coins and get creative by making your own and customising your catchphrases to suit your mood.

Take a look!