There are so many

Door etiquette:

Chivalry is dying in the modern age. More men are losing faith in the charm of holding the door for a lady or opening the door for your significant other upon departure and arrival, yet it makes a man look so attractive.

Queue etiquette:

This is necessary for guys when they are on a queue, especially on the road. There is a need for patience with Nigerian men. It is not okay to jump the line at any point. You can wait in line like everyone else.

Daily etiquette:

There are just everyday etiquettes that men need to observe, as many Nigerian men can feel entitled. Phrases like sorry, hello, hi, thank you, may I and so much more that will make you a man of integrity.

Bathroom etiquette:

This is actually more about cleanliness. It is only fair that you act right inside the bathroom so that others coming after you can use it. When peeing, aim for th actual toilet bowl, wipe down any residues. Also, dispose of tissues and such in the right places and most of all clean up after yourself; if necessary spray an air freshener.