The best ways to prevent side stitches

Whether you're a newbie or an accomplished runner, you must have experienced side stitches at least once in your life.

Side stitch during a run

Some physiologists have theorized that the common side stitch comes from your stomach and other organs bumping into each other as your feet hit the ground while others speculate that it happens when the ligament that attaches your liver to your diaphragm becomes overstretched.

Its weird that scientists are yet to find the exact causes behind side stitches, but we at the very least, know how you can prevent or guide against them.

We can't change the science that occurs in our bodies, but these steps may actually prove helpful.

Avoid running on a full stomach

Running on a full stomach is never a good idea and this doesn't just refer to a big meal; it goes for water as well. Staying hydrated is absolutely necessary, but overloading on H2O or a sports drink right before you head off can lead to bad cramps.

Stretch appropriately

Improper or lack of stretching may be linked to annoying side pains that cramp your style. While the verdict is still out on whether stretching before a run prevents injury, get in an active running warmup to cover all your bases.

Breathe deeper

Learning to breathe with your diaphragm can be some of your best defense against cramps. If you're not sure where to start, take our tips and learn to breathe correctly when you run.

If you find yourself suffering from a side stitch in the middle of a run, slow down your pace and your breath.

If that doesn't help, stop completely and press your hand into the right side of your body and push up.

Once the pain goes away, feel free to jump back on the running wagon.

If you have a different, perhaps better method of preventing a side stitch, please feel free to share.


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