Even if you’re blessed with relatively blemish-free skin, there’s a good chance you rely on concealer for a complete makeup.

Sometimes even a full night’s rest can’t cure those dark circles and that’s why we have a magical potion called concealer. From hiding your under-eye circles to covering pimples, concealer does it all. But unless you’re doing it right, you can end up making that finicky area under your eyes looks worse.

Even though concealer is a beauty staple for most of us, there’s a good chance you’re probably doing something wrong with it. Whether you’re wearing the wrong formula for your unique skin type and or sporting the wrong shade for your color.

Beauty Youtuber, Jackie Aina created a video, highlighting the reasons your concealer isn't doing what it's supposed to do and how you can do it right.

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Here's a video that explains it all. Watch and learn!