The first thing that comes to your mind when your powder gets broken is to either manage it that way or to toss in the bin.

Ever had the annoying ‘privilege’ of putting your hands into your makeup purse, only to come up with loose powder staining your hand? Well, most ladies have. Your compact powder, sometimes proves it's not so compact when it drops on the ground and get broken. That moment can be very painful especially if you just got the powder.

Broken compact powder can be fixed without stress [YouTube]
Broken compact powder can be fixed without stress [YouTube]

You will agree with us that this accident completely waste your powder and your money too if nothing is done. It can also leave your makeup purse in a mess and you end up tossing it away, and buying a new one.

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Today we'll be showing you how to make your broken compact makeup powder, solid again without the use of alcohol.

Watch the video below and learn.