If you’ve ever seen a dermatologist for acne, rosacea, or any kind of inflammation, you’ve definitely heard this advice before: Stop drinking coffee.

"I’ve encountered those words many times, but never acted on them. Until recently that is, when my curiosity and quest for better skin,  finally overtook my caffeine addiction."

"I went coffee-free for three weeks and lived to tell the tale with some surprising results," Says Deven.

You always hear people swear that giving up changed everything for their skin.

Most often, it’s dairy, sugar, wheat, or coffee.

"With countless dermatologists telling me that cutting coffee is what would finally take care of my pesky breakouts, I retired my Starbucks card in the name of better skin."

Why is coffee the culprit? It’s because coffee is highly acidic. High doses of acidic caffeine mess with your hormones, namely your stress hormones, which control your skin’s oil production.

On top of that, it can act as a diuretic, dehydrating your skin if you drink too much.

"Did I miss my morning cup of joe for those three weeks? Absolutely. My breakouts are primarily hormonal, so I timed my coffee hiatus accordingly, in order to give my experiment plenty to work with."

"I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but in week one, I’d say there was no noticeable difference to speak of. Week two is when my monthly breakouts kicked in. Again, no marked difference—my flare-ups were all about average and lasted just as long as usual." Says Deven

"Once they cleared up in week three, I’ll admit my skin looked great. The little breakouts that tend to linger all but disappeared and the pores that always give me trouble looked less congested than usual."

"The other change I observed was in the moisture level of skin. I almost always have a few dry patches around my nose and chin, but by week three my skin was far less parched, leading me to believe that perhaps I wasn’t exempt from the dehydrating effects of coffee."

"So my skin didn’t magically transform into airbrushed flawlessness over the three weeks, but if I could do it again, I wouldn’t have caved on day 23 and had that iced latte. I think if I were to truly give up coffee long-term, I’d be pretty pleased with the results," concludes Deven.

Brave enough to try this out? Seeing is believing!