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The beauty blogger chose the two banana setting powders testing them side by side for the review. Both makeup products have gotten reviews but usually never been nested against each other; "I wanted to know if the Makeup Revolution powder can hold up to my favorite Sacha Buttercup powder and the results may surprise you!" Deola Adebiyi shares about the review.

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After wearing her eye makeup including primer, foundation and doing both brows, she goes on to test the setting powders after wearing her concealer under the eyes, gently pushing and spreading out on the skin with a beauty blender for an even blend-in under the eyes.

She goes in with the Sacha Buttercup Powder on her left undereye while she went with the Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder on the right undereye. She applies the setting powder using a damp beauty blender.

Instant results show Sacha applies with a yellow tone against Makeup Revolution that applies whitish, both glide on smooth with Sacha definitely blending in finer and come naturally warm!

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After leaving both to bake for five minutes she continues with the rest of the makeup and after wearing the look for hours later, her verdict; they both work perfect!

Watch and see the results in the video above.