Nigeria’s national body in charge of disease control – The NCDC - has been working on overtime since Coronavirus became an issue of concern in the country.

In about one week or thereabouts, there has been a shift in National awareness and response to the pandemic because the numbers just keep rising and the worry gets realer by the day, that this could become something that’d grow wildly out of hands.

In order to ensure that the danger of Coronavirus is being shared appropriately and also to aid proper communication for the management of the issue, the body has now shared that the public can now reach out to them via their improved Whatsapp setup.

How to join?

Simply add the number: 07087110839. And of course, don’t hesitate to share as widelt as possible. You don’t know who needs it.

Here is how much improved service you can get from the agency with this new improvement

1. Get latest updates on #COVID19NIGERIA

2. Get information on how testing is carried out

3. Receive urgent messages from NCDC.

What you should not do with that number

Don’t test them with spam messages. And surely, please don't be like whoever this moron is: