Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and American singer Beyoncé have both ditched their weaves for braids.

Remember when you were in primary/secondary school and school broke out for the holidays and you had the freedom to style your hair any way you liked? For many young girls it was braids, feathers and Ghana weaving. Their excitement was even heightened with the liberty to even play around with colours.

Tiwa and Beyoncé are currently both rocking long light brown cornrow braids (somewhere between colour 27 - 30 attachment).

As we’ve seen in recent times blonde hair seems to be quite popular right now and both artistes have once again found a way to channel their creativity in their hair style.

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With their hairdo, they’ve adopted a side parting with flat cornrows and single braids. In the true Beyoncé fashion of standing out, the 'Sorry' crooner accessorises her braids with beads.

In case you didn’t get the memo our favourite divas are taking it back and we probably should too.