She totally matched her hair color with her dress. How crazy is this?

Bey's hair colourist, Rita Hazan, spruced up her locks for the MET Gala, indicating that the color of her hair was meant to accentuate the nude shades within the dress and to complement her skin tone.

"We went with the modern girl look who is blond, bold, and edgy," Hazan said. "The dress was such an amazing moment that her hair had to be on the same level.

"We went really blond with her color to match the nudeness of the dress to tie it all together."

To achieve the look, Hazan lifted Beyoncé's color two to three shades to a dark blond, then applied babylights to create dimension and contrast to her hair, so it wouldn't look flat in photos.

As far as tones of blond, Hazan stayed in the natural shades to match Beyoncé's skin tone.

This was obviously a work of art because the result was stunning.

This may not seem like a major hair trend but we have a feeling people all over the world will be headed to their colourist to ask for "nude color" in the coming weeks.

P.s: Do not try this at home, at least not without the supervision of a professional.