Long gone are the days were the myth that black women dont have long hair is perpetuated. Despite choosing to wear, wigs, weaves and braids, make no mistake, black women have hair. Actress Beverly Naya is the perfect example of that.

Making the decision to go natural is not an easy one but it is certainly the most rewarding. Nothing is better than learning how to take care of your natural hair and watch it grow and flourish before your very eyes.


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Talking about her journey to natural with Bella Naija, Beverly revealed:

In the beginning, it wasn’t a deliberate choice to go natural. I got tired of how damaged my hair was and just decided to cut it all off and wear wigs full time.In the early stages, I wasn’t too fussed about maintaining my hair, I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore so I would wash and matt my hair every month and that was absolutely OK. I only started to care when I saw rapid growth, but even at that, I never thought I could confidently rock natural hair.

I actually cut my hair twice in 2014, the first time was in February for Before 30. The producers of the show wanted my character to have short hair, the original plan was for me to wear a short wig but I literally woke up one morning, called the producers and told them that I wanted to cut my hair. Of course they were excited to hear that but they were also pretty confused because my hair was long.

I remember getting to the salon and the hair stylist was trying to convince me not to, but I guess when you’ve had enough there’s no swaying you. The second time I cut my hair was when I decided to do the big chop, by this point my hair was severely damaged. I had relaxed my hair and then dyed it the same day, it wasn’t long after that before my hair became exceptionally dry and damaged, I was devastated. I did the big chop in September 2014, my friends were shocked but now they understand how I have benefited so no regrets!

Natural and Proud

Beverly showed up to the Lara and the Beat premiere on Sunday night wearing her natural hair in all it's glory. Beverly had done a twist out which she styled into a mohawk-style up do.

Her thick, luscious hair was pinned on top of her head and tendrils cascaded down in this elegant yet modern style.

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She looked chic in an all-black outfit with a transparent blouse by undefinedwhich complimented her hair beautifully.

Natural Hair Tips

If you want to get your hair like Beverly, you have to begin making the effort to look after it diligently.

Apply deep conditioning oils or creams

Afro hair quickly loses its natural moisture, making additional moisturising a key part of your hair care routine. Instead of just shampooing and conditioning, rub some moisturising cream or oil into your hair after you're done showering.

These products are made to soak in, so that rather than washing them out after they’re applied you allow them to soak into hair strands to replenish lost moisture.

Some of the best oils for this purpose are argan, jojoba and grapeseed.

Braid your hair before sleeping

One way to lock in moisture overnight is to braid your hair before going to bed. By keeping your hair in braids, the strands will be held closely together, sharing their moisture and keeping them from coming loose and rubbing against the pillow.

Just plait a few loose braids in the evening and you won’t have to worry about the pillow chafing and leaching oil from your hair while you sleep.