The Nollywood actress is blessed with a pretty face and unique facial features that emphasizes her makeup looks every single time. Known to love her 'cut creases' usually glittery, sharp and vibrant the actress rocks her makeup look to perfection every single time wearing flattering colours that ultimately suit her features and skintone!

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Naya wears one makeup look flawless after the other paying particular attention to seamless blending, understated highlights and contour that look effortless. She employs a lot of pastel hues set in flawless transition for the eyes. She's not one to shy away from loading on soft colours and playful yet flattering themes to play up the face and has a way of wearing makeup as natural looking as possible; more ladies should take a cue!

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You can't take away her sultry intense lashes, smokey eye finish, slightly arched brows defined to perfection and her love for pastel matte lips; with light pink remaining a favourite almost each time. She nails every look stunning and effortlessly close to perfection each time.

Beverly Naya; queen of stunning makeup look? Yes most definitely!