Six year old Bella Rose is fast becoming a sensation with her love for applying makeup even better than grown ups!

The six year old girl from Sydney, Australia got famous after her older sister's friend, a professional makeup artist Emily Louise shared videos of her showing off her makeup skills on Instagram and Youtube!

The adorable kid who seems to know her products (she waves her hair away from her face just like a grown up before wearing her primer!) playfully goes through the steps for makeup application and though she seems a fan of strobing (in the video) shes attracting scores of attention on social media with some showing disgust at how a girl so young will be allowed to wear that much makeup and on camera for hundreds of thousands (probably eventually) millions to watch.

From applying the foundation well - buffing it into the skin for coverage, to expertly applying eyeshadows, lipstick she's attracted a whooping 36,643 views after about three days of posting on Youtube (via her sister's friend Emily Louise's Youtube page)

While some people think about her makeup skills as adorable , a lot have come out to attack the young girl and the makeup artist who 'put her up to it'.

Do you think this is too much for a six year old or a good way to encourage and nurture creativity?