Studies reveal dermatologists maintain make up brushes should be cleaned daily!

A lot of people are however guilty of using brushes on and on without cleaning them, apart from the fact that it's gross, it eventually makes application hard as the tip/bristles harden up as a result of products they've accumulated.

Make up brushes should be cleaned often to reduce breakouts and possible re-introduction of bacteria to the face.

Cleaning make up brushes have been made easy especially with brush cleaners and to clean them thoroughly your way, follow these easy steps:

1. Start by running your brushes under lukewarm water, this helps to rinse out accumulated makeup. Make sure water doesn't get to the part of the brush where handle meets head as there is a tendency water can loosen the glue, pulling the brush apart.

2. Pour a gentle shampoo into a bowl of lukewarm water and swirl the tip of the brush in the water, you use your palms to work up a lather for thorough cleaning. Remember never to soak your whole brush inside the bowl!

3. After makeup residue is washed out, rinse the tip of the brush under running water (if water runs clean, it mans brush is properly clean, if it runs brown proceed to lather up the brush again)

4. Gently wipe brush clean, be careful not to disfigure the wet bristle.

5. Lay brush on clean face cloth or towel to airdry.

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