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There are so many beauty mistakes made without knowing that ultimately ages the otherwise desired youthful looks ladies crave.

To make sure your makeup stays making you look youthful/younger, watch out for these pointers when using your makeup:

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- Don't use eyebrow pencils that are too dark on your brows.

Choose the ones that are a shade or two lighter than your natural brow colour. For a more natural effect after taming the brows, run a brow gel over them to keep in perfect shape all day.

- Spread foundation evenly.

A foundation that's applied too thick will settle into fine lines on your face and amplify any sort of blemish as well. Reduce foundation application to areas on the faces where you need it to even out discolouration.

- Instead of wearing bold eyeliner in black opt for brown which is warmer and will equally open up the eyes.

-For the most natural effect (instead of pursed unnatural looking lips) match your lip liner to the color of your lips and not the color of your lipstick.

-Apply mascara only to the top lashes.

Playing up the lower lashes can make your eyes look droopy as well as draw attention to dark circles, if you want to open up the eyes wiggle mascara into the roots of the lower lashes slowing to lift them and brush them out perfectly.

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Would you be trying out these pointers from Beauty Tip of the day?