Applying false lashes come in handy to create the perfect look for different occasions.

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Wearing false lashes or 'falsies' should look as natural and close to the natural lashes as much as possible so when applying them, should be done neatly (clear or colourless glues work best to make sure there are no stains peeking around the lashes so as to achieve a neat and natural look).

False eyelashes give definition, length and more to the natural lashes, they can be dramatic, subtle or worked in different ways that works for whoever ears it but it always gives some kind of pop to the eyes (when it is perfectly fixed).

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There are however 'do's and don'ts for applying false lashes; from making sure the 'falsies' and the natural lashes are the same length (when they are longer, they look too heavy on the eyes).

For instance if you need to cut off part of the false eyelashes, cut off at the outer edge NEVER at the inner edge, always straighten out natural lashes (using the mascara as usual) before applying the false ones.

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Also make sure to apply thin layer of glue along the line holding the lashes and a bit around, don't apply THICK layers of glue as this will only end up ruining the lashes. it's also best to let glue sit for about 30 seconds after applying it on the strip of the lashes before fixing them on.

Get more details on false lashes do's and don't in the video.