Applying foundation can cause two things; amplify trouble spots especially hairy bits on the face or cover to create a flawless base for makeup application.

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The foundation is a major part of any makeup look and forms the basis of how well the whole make-up look will turn out.

From not blending in the foundation perfectly to using too much product (you really don't need too much product as this doesn't guarantee perfect coverage)

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To achieve a picture perfect foundation coverage, here's what to do in easy steps:

1. Apply moisturizer to the face prior to foundation application and allow the skin to absorb it, never apply foundation on dry skin.

2. Apply foundation with your fingers, against the grain of facial hair then go over with foundation brush to push down hair back into their natural growth pattern


3. Put foundation on the face and work into the skin by dabbing on the products in rolling motions until the desired coverage is achieved.

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4. Make sure to leave foundation to dry before applying more products for a perfect finish.

Catch a video of more foundation hacks below.