Cornrows in tight or creative Ghana braids are in right now and are perfect for the weather.

Ghana braids come in handy for natural hair as well as relaxed hair which can be sectioned and done neatly and chic meaning it works for all hair textures and they are pretty fast to make at home!

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Braids are perfect styles for the rainy season as well as the 'hot' weather as they are easy to maintain and won't require bank breaking products to maintain. They also help the scalp breathe and require minimal styling to go about the day (think edge control and brushing and the hair is ready to be rocked)

Ghana braids can be made at home for times where a visit to the stylist is almost impossible. For different looks its best to rock the braids in bold big or medium sizes and styles.

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The tutorial is perfect for beginners to learn in easy steps. Would you braid your own Ghana cornrows?