The revered vlogger and makeup artist does a mix of plum, pink and bronze smokey eye makeup paired with matte plum lips setting off the holiday season on a fierce beauty note. To achieve the makeup look very neat, she makes the skin glow flawless so the colours pop just perfect.

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1. Starting off with a light moisturizer, a must for the holiday season where the skin tends to get dry and flaky, Aina chose a non-comedogenic moisturizer to get the skin nourished.

2. Apply primer

3. Apply translucent powder to skin just before the foundation to achieve a matte finish and ensure foundation stay in place.

4. Apply foundation by gentle dabbing into the skin with a foundation brush.

5. Prime the eyelid and set with a translucent powder

6. Gently fill in the brows as natural as possible

7. Apply eyeshadow starting first with the crease, using warm pink tones add a bit of purple around the outer corner area of the eye to create bold mix for the smokey look. Add a shimmery purple tone over the eye area.

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8. Swipe shimmery pink tone along the lines under the eye, line the waterline and fix strip lashes and apply mascara.

9. Apply concealer to under the eye and blend, contour as desired.

10. Set contour and highlight with translucent powder, proceed with setting powder and leave to bake.

11. Gently press powder around the T-zone, apply highlight and spray on a setting spray to seal makeup.