False lashes are at the very best when they look as natural as possible they should be so close to the lashes that they can barely be differentiated apart!

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Falsies should come off as natural looking as possible. Wispie lashes achieve (most times) the illusion of natural lashes but they have to be done carefully to come out as natural looking as possible.

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1. Starting off with lash adhesive, which is applied along the rim of the falsies to get a close to perfect look, leave glue to airdry for about 20 seconds before application so as not to end up with excess adhesive on the skin of the eye or over the falsies.

2. Afterwards gently align the falsies to 'cover' the natural lashes while gently pressing them against each other- to achieve a non-clumpy finish, DO NOT start off the natural lashes with mascara.

3. After fixing the lashes, apply mascara from underneath on ONLY the natural lashes (wiggling the lashes) at this stage then go back in to gently press them against each other; the wet mascara help create a seamless illusion where the natural lashes and falsies blend.

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4. Afterwards go back in with mascara and this time, just touch up on the falsies without going all the way till you get the desired results.

Watch and learn how to perfect the act in short easy steps.