Do you love piercings but wouldnt want to go through the pains of actual piercings (and still look fab)?

Piercing areas of the face and body are a way of accessorizing the body/beautifying it. A lot of ladies wear more than one pair of earrings, wear nose rings and studs on the nose, the cupid bow, navel and lately on the (middle of) lips to seem cool.

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A lot of times getting actual piercings have been recorded to cause funny reactions and even infections especially where extra attention (or hygiene isn't top notch) is not paid to the area and in some cases, the skin just refused the piercing! So to avoid those factors, why not fake it?

Faking piercings are usually done using magnetic earrings, nose rings and studs on the different areas of the body but if looking for something that would stay on for a bit longer then  a more drastic approach involving adhesive would be used!

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Beauty blogger Octavia shows how she gets to fake her piercings when she's not wearing regular jewelry, faking serve different piercings in a few mins:

You need:

1. Tweezers

2. Nail Glue

3. Cardboard

4. Earrings/Tongue rings/nose rings


For Nose Stud:

1. Dab a bit of glue on a cardboard

2. Gently pat the nose stud on the glue

3. Gently place the nose stud on the area of the nose you want it

Repeat the steps for the different areas; Medusa (the stud on the Cupid's bow) and others.

Note:Some people may react to this 'fake piercing' method so it's better to test a small portion first before using it often.

Watch how to nail the perfect piercings in a few minutes.