The Pulse X Zaron Cosmetics tutorial shows the perfect steps to achieve fierce and sultry look that works for an elegant event in easy to practise steps.

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1. She starts out with the Zaron eyeshadow primer to create a perfect base for the eyeshadow colours.

2. She chose the Zaron trio eyeshadow in 'Campfire' .

3. She starts off using the red as transition colour first before going on to the darker shades- blending well into the crease and outwards towards the browbone.

3. She applies the Zaron Uno eyeshadow in 'Charcoal' on the eyelids blending the black into the red for a nice blend of smokey eyes.

4. She lines her eyes with Zaron kohl eye liner in 'Black Velvet' to create a precision for the smokey eyes.

5. (The same pencil liner can be used on top of the eyelids for a more intense appeal)

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6. She lines the lower eyelids (leaving the option of smudging the eyes) to create an effect or a dark precise line.

7. She uses the gel eyeliner in 'Jazz'  for the upper eyelid, using the Zaron Angle Brush  from the Mini Brush Set.

8. She applies vibrant lipstick and blush.