Using the right shade of foundation is the first part of applying a perfect foundation as you have the perfect match between the face and the neck area without applying products all the way down to the neck and chest areas.

Foundation application should come seamless and effortless every time creating a flawless canvas while covering blemishes as much as possible. Using the Face Primer, Mattifying Compact Powder and Healthy Glow Foundation from Zaron Cosmetics, here's how to apply foundation seamless.

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1. Start out with the face primer applying all over the face (peanut size is just about enough for the whole face), spread evenly across the face to help fill out enlarged pores to give an even foundation application

2. Apply the Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation using the foundation brush making sure to blend in the product so the foundation evens out across the face. Blend well into hairline and the jawline making sure the foundation shade matches your skintone.

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3. Set foundation using the Zaron Mattifying compact powder to make sure it doesn't 'shift'. It sets the foundation making sure it stays in place and adding a bit of coverage to the makeup.  Apply this with a powder brush from the mini brush set and blend till there's no harsh lines in sight.