The fast rising beauty vlogger and enthusiast shares the chicest way to wear fierce bold lips with soft eye in simple steps and the look is brilliant with any look. The eyes are downplayed for the lips done matte to make all the statement.

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Olaoye does the glam look in these steps:

1. Filling the brows and defining them

2. Primes the eye lids and starts working in the eyeshadow sticking to brown hues to create a soft sensual finish on the eyes; she cuts crease and builds up on the colour till she gets the desired shade (this varies across skintones) and fixes faux lashes.

3. She primes the entire facial skin (leaving out the eyelids, brows)

4. She colour corrects areas where there are blemishes (gently pushing in products into the skin) to achieve an evenly toned skin

5. She works the foundation in the skin with a foundation brush till the desired coverage is achieved.

6. She applies concealer, works into the skin and sets with setting powder and leaves to bake

7. She contours areas around the face and gently blends out while she dusts off excess powder from 'baking'

8. She applies mascara on the lashes and works in bronzer

9. She applies the lip colour